16 Things I Learned in 30 Days of Having an Electric Car

 1. It is 100% possible to forget how to pump gas. Although the Volt has a gas “generator” (not really an engine, but it’s a back up) I have yet to need to put any gas in it.

2. They’re stealthy. I had two ladies carry on a conversation behind my car while I got in, buckled up, put it in reverse and then had to stick my head out of the car and ask them to move because they couldn’t hear the car running!

3. Eavesdropping is so easy. Electric cars are silent, other drivers at intersections are not.. so you get to hear conversations people think are private.

4. There are no vibrations! You get used to it, but regular cars vibrate so much! It can’t be good for you?

5. PlugShare is awesome! As are the people on it. I used it to find a public charger when I was out at University Circle… unfortunately the chargers weren’t signed as being for EV only and a bunch of regular cars parked in the spots preventing me from charging. Continue reading

Not a Bad Way to Spend a Wednesday Evening

On Wednesday evening, I had the opportunity to attend an event at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. It’s one place that has been on my list of things to do since moving to Cleveland three years ago.

Somehow, it’s not terribly easy to convince my man that an afternoon spent in the gardens is an afternoon well spent. I’m working on it though, because I want to go back.

I had been planning to park a few blocks away in a parking lot that offers public charging for electric vehicles. Unfortunately, when I arrived the five spaces with access to the four chargers were parked up. Which would have been fine if 4 of the 5 cars weren’t regular, internal-combustion-engine powered cars (aka ICEd). So I headed over to the garage at the Bontanical Gardens.

The first thing I noticed before even entering the building was how nice everyone was! I took the stairs instead of the elevator and ended up one floor too early to enter, a security guard gave me directions and was very nice. The lady who validated my parking at check-in was also nice.

As part of the event, we were allowed access to the gardens and glass house. I only walked some of the gardens and across the terrace area and it was beautiful! I wrapped up my visit with a tour of the Glass House, which is a great place to go in general but would be especially fun on a rainy or cold day.

All of the brightly colored statues are made of Legos and are part of the Building Blocks of Nature, Nature Connects Experience. Continue reading

Back-to-Back Wrap Ups

Who would have thought? Last week’s measly three posts were courtesy of a very busy week… busy but productive! So I’d like to tell you about my equally busy weekend.


Friday got started early again with lunch and a facility tour of where my father-in-law works. It was a unique tour because I not only saw the offices, I also got to see the manufacturing plant and a testing lab. I love facility tours and have had the opportunity to visit a few manufacturing facilities both large and small and it’s really fun to get that perspective.


On Saturday, Brad and I pursued  an offer on my Mazda and I ended up saying goodbye to my CX-5 (it was a good car) and saying hello to a new Chevy Volt (it is also a good car!).

A well-trained eye can spot the OmniPod.

My mom arrived at our house on Saturday evening after visiting with her new granddaughter and the rest of my brother’s family. She spent the night at our place in order to take a road trip with me on Sunday.

On Saturday, I also for the Low Transmitter Battery alert on my Dexcom and I’m calling to get a replacement today. My battery lasted about a year, which is amazing because they’re really only expected to last for 6 months. I wish they were rechargeable. *sigh*

Sunday  Continue reading

50 Miles. No Gas.

I’m not a car blogger and I never will be, but this was too good not to talk about, so let me start at the beginning….

Last weekend, Brad and I had the opportunity to use a Nissan Leaf for the afternoon.

Nissan Leaf

The Leaf is Nissan’s all-electric car. It uses no gas. None. It also completely blows my mind because there are a lot of counter intuitive things about this car that make. complete. sense. At least when you step out of your I’ve only ever driven a gas-powered car before mindset.

If you want to know how an electric car works, this is not the blog for you to read. I want to tell you about the experience of driving one for the afternoon. Continue reading