Approaching Easter with a Medical Condition

“Do you need to bolus for this?” Brad whispered in my ear as the communion plates were passed down the pew.

It was my first Easter with type 1 diabetes and I was still pretty new to OmniPod. Easter fell on an arm-pod day so I threw on a cardigan to cover the pod (not something I would worry about now) for the Easter Sunday service at my husband’s family church.

I was so conscious of the pod on my arm. So aware of the lump in my sweater sleeve, concerned about the clack that it made when I bumped it on the pew. When communion came around, I chose not to bolus. The decision was made primarily due to what I believe would be disruptive beeping from my pod and partly because I had no idea how many carbs were in the symbolic body and blood of Christ.

Now, I truly don’t care if I beep during church. Don’t mind if people see my pump, I might even match it to my dress like last year. I will bolus for communion if I feel I need to. But honestly, some of the religious rituals that we observe are made more complicated due to living with a medical condition, such as diabetes or Celiac disease. (Typically communion wafers or bread are not gluten free.)

I still fear a pod failing in church and emitting the ear-piercing screech during the quiet moments of spiritual reflection. I worry that my Dexcom will alert during prayer. I don’t want my medical problems to impact the worship of others, but I also need to care for the body I’ve been given and care less about the judgement from others (i.e. the concern that people think I’m texting when I’m really bolusing).

At the end of the day, God knows better than I even do what’s going on in my body and what my needs are, so regardless of whether everyone else understands, He does.

Easter Eggs

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

I had a lovely Easter weekend that kicked off with getting a new ‘do.

We arrived at my in-laws’ on Saturday in time to help decorate Easter egg cookies, but not in time to help with bunny butt cookies.

Decorating eggs with my brother-in-law’s girlfriend

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Looking Forward to Spring

Today is officially spring! Yay!

I may no longer be wishing for spring to arrive, but I’m still waiting on the warmer temperatures. On this lovely first morning of spring, random snow flakes were falling from the sky so I’m not incredibly hopeful.

I was asked yesterday what I’m looking forward to about spring… so I figured I’d share with you why my Spring of 2014 already has a lot of awesome packed into a short period of time.


March is more than halfway over, but this month has been going pretty well.

  • I’m hoping to have the facelift of kitchen and bathroom completely finished, there are small finishing touches that we just haven’t been able to get to due to being busy.
  • My mom is moving… this isn’t entirely awesome because she’s moving out of state again. But I know this is a good thing for her because she’ll no longer be in a long distance relationship and there are people there looking forward to spending more time with her… beyond her fiance.
  • We have lots of plans with friends.

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Hello March!

I generally like the month of March.

My birthday is in March, and I still like birthdays!

If you live in northeast Ohio, you know that March is a pretty bi-polar month. Sometimes it’s frigid and snowy, other years it’s practically summer and yet other years this month covers the entire weather spectrum. Regardless of how the weather actually behaves at any given time, March holds out hope for spring, sunshine and longer days.

So far, we’ve had a busy March… and it’s only the 4th!

This weekend, we celebrated several birthdays including our own. Next weekend is all about me and my birthday! Even though being born on the 8th means I was a winter baby, I still feel like my birthday means Spring.

Aside from birthdays, March is full of holidays, this year especially!

Happy National Grammar Day!

Starting with today, National Grammar Day! In honor of National Grammar Day, think about the grammar problem you have most often, then make a conscious effort to fix it.

In March we’ll also celebrate:

  • March 14th is Pi Day, another nerdy holiday but is often celebrated with tasty dessert. Why Pi Day? It’s 3.14
  • St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th and everything green that comes with it!
  • The first official day of spring
  • Easter and all of the surrounding observances

I have lots of fun things happening including a work cupcake event and a product launch.

Happy almost spring friends! What are you looking forward to this month?

Happy Easter

I may not have given anything up for Lent, but I am still very much looking forward to its end because at the end of Lent, you get Easter.

Today is Good Friday, and I take a moment to appreciate what today means for me, but I’m really looking forward to the celebration on Sunday.

I always loved church as Christmas and Easter. The joy levels multiply exponentially.

As a kid, both holidays meant pretty dresses and fun treats. Most years, Easter also meant spring!

As a grown up, Easter is less about treats (especially since I’ve chosen to forgo the Peeps and jelly beans this year). This year, we are celebrating in the church where my husband grew up and where we got married. It’s always special to go back there. The holiday is a good excuse to spend time with family and look forward to the many good things that this spring will bring.

… I still like the dresses!

Easter 2009

Happy Easter!

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