Funerals, unemployment and health scares. How was your summer?

I took the month of August off from blogging, but I’m honestly surprised I didn’t end up taking the whole summer off. It was quite a summer! I’m at a point now, where I can talk about it … or most of it. I started blogging in the beginning as a source of therapy and fun, so onto the therapy!

Several things actually started prior to summer, but everything converged in chaos during our warmest months.

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Her Little Bit

My grandmother was the youngest child of a banker. My father was the youngest child of an elementary school teacher. I’m the youngest child of  a pastor.

In the E-family, I’m the ultimate “runt.” A nickname that my dad would occasionally call me. If my grandmother could introduce me to you, she would say, “This is my Little Bit.”

I can’t remember my grandmother calling me anything other than “Little Bit.”

Grandma and grandpa

There are a lot of things I want people to know about my grandmother, but it’s hard to put it all into a logical, organized post. The main thing that should be known about her is that she had a big heart, big in the way that there was room in her heart for everyone. She loved God, she loved her family, she loved her community and she loved animals. Continue reading