July Reads

In an attempt to better organize my blog and my life… I’ve categorized my July reads!

Personal Growth

10 Ways to Be a Better Person.  Unfortunately this list is not intuitive for a lot of people. #5 on the list (go to funerals) really isn’t fun, but it means so much. People who came to my dad’s funeral for me and not themselves were truly wonderful and showed how much they cared about me.

Millennial Topics

10 Things Every 20-Something Kitchen Needs. I can’t say that every 20-something’s kitchen needs everything on the list, but if you’re putting together a kitchen for the first time on you own, it’s got some good recommendations. Also a good place to start looking for housewarming gift ideas. I also recommend a meat thermometer. It was the best $5ish we ever spent and might keep you from giving yourself food poisoning.

Seek a Mentor, Be a Mentor. I agree completely.

13 Things Successful Millennials Do in Their Spare Time. Even if you aren’t a millennial, making good use of your spare time is a good idea. Continue reading

A Weird Lunch Break and a Whiter Smile

Weird Lunch Break

At the beginning of the week, the creative director at the agency where I work told me that he notices I stay in my office over during “lunch” and encouraged me to try to get out occasionally. In the winter especially, I have no motivation to go outside in order to leave my office on lunch, but it is important to get out sometimes.

Yesterday, I was forced to get out. I went to check my blood sugar to bolus for lunch (I have to prebolus 30 minutes prior to eating in the afternoons). My meter was not in my meter bag. Thinking it had fallen out in my purse, I checked there too and found nothing. So I got in my car and headed home to find my meter.

I texted Brad about being a moron and leaving my meter at home. He texted me back that the packed he’d been waiting on (that required a signature) was out for delivery and it would be awesome if I could sign for it instead of him having to go home. The side note on this package is that it was shipped priority 2-day mail to him… and took 10 days to arrive. I’d say I don’t know how the post office is still in business, but I do know… my taxes pay for it and I still receive torn up mail, dented packages, late shipments and occasionally nothing at all. Come on guys!

After arriving home, I located my meter.

Right where I left it

It was sitting on the bed from my morning check. I finish bolusing for my lunch (did a partial bolus when I left so I didn’t have to wait longer to eat), reheated my leftovers and waited for the mail carrier.  When the mail carrier arrived he handed me the package but had forgotten the slip in the truck and ran back to get it. I signed, thanked him and he left. Oddly enough, it was not our regular mail carrier and it was not delivered as part of the normal (walking) route in my neighborhood.

I finished my lunch and decided to swing through Starbucks on my way back to the office. Okay, I took a different route back to the office in order to swing by Starbucks! I kept thinking to myself while waiting in the drive through, “I don’t really deserve Starbucks. I left my meter at home. Why am I rewarding myself for being dumb?”

The surprise waiting for me at the window made me happy I had decided to treat myself. The barista had accidentally made me a grande size instead of a tall.

Whiter Smile

One thing that is always at the back of my mind due to how much I love coffee is the color of my teeth. Continue reading

Breakfast Pastries

Every once in awhile I take stock of what’s in the fridge and plan a meal for the sole purpose of using up whatever might go to waste. The other day it was a partial package of low-fat cream cheese and a tube of crescent rolls. I recalled pinning a recipe for crescent roll danish so I dug it out looked it up and used it as a kind-of starting point for a Saturday morning breakfast.

I didn’t really plan on blogging about it so I didn’t take pictures of the process or ingredients. I know, I know. I should plan on blogging about everything. 

The original recipe was less than friendly to my busted pancreas and made way more than we needed so here’s what I did…

Ingredients: Continue reading

Just a Trim Dress

I got this light-weight, black and green dress at a consignment shop when I was in high school. It hung unworn in my closet last summer so I decided to do something with it. The original plan was to take the whole top off of it and replace it… that was the plan up until I put it on to take a before picture.

Looked less “meh” than expected.

I decided that it just needed a bit of a trim… so to speak. Continue reading

The Auto Show, a Birthday Tradition

My husband is officially older than me for the next week and a half. We had a whirlwind couple of days in celebration.

On Friday, we unexpectedly received tickets to the Cleveland Auto Show preview night. So we got some Mexican food and margaritas (Did you know Friday was National Margarita Day?) with our friends before heading to the IX Center. We had a good time checking out the cars and I got to do the Jeep Experience.

Here’s Brad’s video from the 2012 Jeep Experience (it didn’t change much… just the years of the vehicles)

I also rode the IX Center Ferris wheel for the first (and last) time. The view of the airport at night is pretty cool, but the gondola-style seating freaked me out. We were up very high and there aren’t seat belts!

On Saturday (Brad’s actual birthday) the guys went back to the auto show to do the ride and drive events. They got to drive a Cadillac CTS-V, which was the main event as far as the guys were concerned. That evening we introduced my in-laws to the Great Lakes Brewing Company and their amazing food (and beer, but that’s a given).

We capped off a wonderful evening with birthday cheesecake.

–  –  –

When given my Pinterest board of recipes last year, Brad decided that he’d like the Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake. This year he requested it again and I’ve gotten the recipe tweaked to where I like it finally!

Rachel’s Coffee Bailey’s Cheesecake (adapted from this recipe)

Ingredients: Continue reading