Weekend Wrap Up: Little Brother Edition

I really shouldn’t call my brother-in-law a “little brother” I should stick with younger. When I first met Brad’s “little brother” he was shorter than me! Since then he’s grown up a lot and is a college guy now (as opposed to the middle school tween who I first met).


Anyway, he came up to visit us this weekend arriving at our house on Friday after leaving work. He beat me there, mostly because I was talking OmniPods and walnuts with a stranger at the grocery store.

My cat looks sad, but I assure you he is not.

Brian got to experience our really exciting, typical Friday night… at home watching a movie. Sometimes weeks just wear you out!

We decided to make pizza and picked a movie to watch. That means, I made pizza and the guys picked the movie.

While we watched Non-Stop, banana nut bread baked to serve as our dessert. Brian quickly made friends with Holmes and Watson when we first adopted them, so it wasn’t a surprise that he never sat alone in a chair.

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