Type 1 Diabetes: Not Just for Kids

My insurance company called me about a program they have for people with type 1 diabeters  diabetes  diseases. The conversation went something like this:

Ins. lady: “Ms. Kerstetter, if your daughter were enrolled in this program you would automatically get your supplies from…”

Me: “It wouldn’t be my daughter, it would be me. I don’t have a daughter. I don’t have any children. I’m the one with type 1 diabetes.”

Ins. lady: “Oh… *pause* I’m sorry.”

I know that when the general public sees the words “type 1 diabetes” or “juvenile diabetes” (as I’m reasonably certain my insurance forms had to say) they think of children, probably even this photo:

Here’s where I got it, but I’ve seen it all over the internet

The unfortunate fact is that sweet, innocent faces raise more money for research. I’m reasonably fond of my face, but it’s not going on a poster web banner ad to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes anytime soon. The thing is, that kids with type 1 grow up to be adults with type 1. And there are kids who don’t have type 1 who grow up to become adults with type 1. I should know… I’m one of them. Continue reading