8 Ways Donate to a Cause without Spending a Cent

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Pretty much everyone I know has a cause, or two (or more!) that they support. Most causes require resources to be successful, but sometimes our wallets don’t allow for us to support them with donations, or with donations as large as we’d like.

But never fear!

There are ways to support your favorite causes without pulling out your wallet.

Here are 8 easy ones: Continue reading

Love Notes

Today is Valentine’s Day. In general, it’s a day of heart, flowers, cards and candies.

This year, there has been much more emphasis on other forms of love, beyond romantic love. Which is wonderful!

Brad knows I love coffee too!

I’m blessed with a wonderful husband who is incredibly caring and thoughtful and I love him more each day. I’m also blessed to have so much more love around me with an ever-growing family by DNA and by marriage, wonderful friends, caring coworkers and fabulous readers. I was so encouraged by the comments on a couple of recent posts that came from my heart and I wasn’t sure anyone would connect with. Thank you all!

So here’s a Friday Five that’s all about Love:

  1. Romantic Love, even if it isn’t all romance. There are so many posts about Brad and how great of a husband he is, but I’m looking back at this one today: The Ones Who Love Us.
  2. Love of Family. I have a large family, I write about them here and there, yesterday’s post however resonated with many in my family, if you missed it, please read: My Mom is Getting Married.
  3. Love Remembered. Love doesn’t end when you lose someone. The lessons that my father taught me and the love that my grandmother shared are a part of me and how I live my life.
  4. Friend Love. Sometimes I wonder if I could have gotten through a lot of things without my friends. Friends like Natalie make life much sweeter.
  5. Loving Strangers. Doing good, helping others, savings lives. There’s still time to Spare a Rose and share some love.

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What kinds of love are you celebrating today?