His Eyes

Until April 4th, if you removed Brad’s glasses, he would be completely unable to function. Without the corrective lenses, he was legally blind with 20/800 vision.

On Wednesday, April 2nd we went to the Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland for a consultation. This was Brad’s second consultation, picking up on research into corrective, laser eye surgery that he had begun two years ago. Over the past two years, the topics of Lasik and Brad getting contacts had come up several times and we’d only talked about it. Brad tried out contacts in March for a third time in his life and again was not able to use them.

Last picture with necessary glasses

We went into the consultation appointment knowing that Lasik was probably the answer to Brad’s vision problems. We left with prescriptions for drops and 2 Valium and a surgery date of Friday, April 4th! They originally put him on the schedule for Lasik on Friday the 19th, but he asked if they could work him in earlier and they could.

Surgery Day

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The Husband’s Birthday Weekend

My husband celebrated his birthday on Thursday, we decided to do most of our celebrating this weekend.

My in-laws came up on Saturday and we sent the guys off to the Cleveland Auto Show where they claim to have enjoyed themselves. They got to look at, sit in, ride in and even test drive some pretty cool cars.

Brad actually grabbed this video of the Jeep Experience while he was waiting in line to participate (Check out how many Jeeps they have running the course and everything happening in the background!):

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To My Husband

A very happy birthday to my husband.

He’s the classy man I married and it’s the first year I bought a card with “husband” on it.

He’s the man that I bothered to learn to cook for…

and who eats whatever I make whether it was a success or a disaster.

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