The Internet of Annoying Things

I’m not an expert at blogging, online marketing, etc. But I’m also not an amateur.

Here are 6 annoying things that people do online.

1. Captcha.

Not one single person that I know actually likes Captcha. In fact, if I can’t get a Captcha code to work on the first try, I abandon it. That means, I not only abandon my comment on a blog, I often won’t return. Don’t make if difficult for your readers to talk to you! One solution if you encounter spam or abusive comments is to turn on comment moderation and set if up so that you have to approve comments before they’re visible. I have comment moderation turned on and have weeded out some really rude comments that way. I also have a filter. So no need for Captcha! And definitely no need for Captcha AND moderation.

2. Validation.

In a similar vein… if your Twitter feed is public, why validate your followers? If you run a blog and have your Twitter feed private, you aren’t inviting your readers to connect with you. If you tweet super personal stuff, open a separate public account for your blog. If I follow you on Twitter and I get a validation request direct message, I will believe that you think you’re more important than you actually are.  I know I’m not alone in this.

3. Funneling. Continue reading

Early January Reading

What reading time looks like

I decided to post links to some of my favorite reads for each month in 2014… Today I looked at my list and thought, I can’t post so many links at one time! I need to spread them out.

So here’s are some of the things I’ve read and liked so far this year:

44 Things Every Short Girl Can Relate To  The definition of “short” is a little subjective, but at 4-foot, 11-inches tall, I’m short and people who are 5′ 4″ seem tall to me, so it’s annoying to hear “average” height people complain about being short. Some other notes on this topic, a person’s head is never an appropriate arm rest and no I should not have left my tall guy for any of you tall girls. Marry for love, not height ladies.

Young, Married & Pissed Off  Speaking of marriage, I kind of liked this post. To me (a bride at 22), this girl didn’t seem like she married all that young. I got really annoyed at people judging us for getting married at 22. Usually people are shocked at how long we were together before we got married (dated 3 years and engaged for another 2 years). I don’t raise an eyebrow at young people getting married, I raise an eyebrow to those who get married very quickly (before they really know each other).  I’ve written about this topic before, so I won’t repeat myself.

Why I Dress Up For Work Faith wrote this post about dressing nicely for work as a nanny even though yoga pants and hoodies are accepted. Dress codes for various professions are becoming more and more relaxed, which can cause many to fall into a “comfortable” clothing rut that can present a sloppy image. I think that taking the initiative to be polished at work shows a high level of professionalism and drive that as a young professional is crucial.

5 Scientific Ways to Build Habits that Stick A new year often means a clean slate and all sorts of new goals. By now, many of those new years resolutions are beginning to wain and the old habits are going strong. The key to achieving goals is to build habits that support them, this short article is a good place to figure out how to start. And you can start working on new habits any day of the year, not just January 1st.

Photographic Series Showing What 200 Calories Looks Like in Different Foods This is a cool series and study in serving size. I’m thinking of doing something like this with what carbohydrates look like in different foods. What are some common foods that you’d like to see in this? Not every food has carbs in it so that might be interesting… I now have to find white plates.

Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens That Lets Diabetics Measure Their Glucose Levels There’s no argument that medical technology has come a long way, but this is not the first glucose-testing contact lens I’ve heard of. When talking about this with a coworker, I said it would be really nice to not have to poke my fingers so much and I showed her my fingertips. There are some days that I avoid texting because the tapping on the screen hurts. I don’t know if I believe the claims of it being ready in the near future, but it’s nice to see people trying.

Read anything good lately? Let me know in the comments!

Friday Five: Pondering

Things I’ve been thinking about lately… maybe you have some input to share?

  1.  Should I make a Facebook page for my blog? I feel like a lot of blogs have Facebook pages and I wonder if it would be worth it for mine. If you have a Facebook page for your blog, does it help? Did you notice a difference after adding the page? If you just read, would you want to be a Facebook fan of Probably Rachel?
  2. Is it possible to fracture something by sneezing too hard? Like a rib or your sternum? I definitely inherited my dad’s strong sneezes. He used to forgo the tissues and sneeze into a paper towel since he sneezed so hard. I don’t have horrible allergies so I don’t sneeze a lot, but when I do, it’s intense. I’ve bashed my need on the bottom of my desk because sneezing is apparently a whole-body thing.
  3. Where are the strange plants coming from? I recently noticed a light pink petunia in the old play area in our back yard (that has a bright future as a patio some day). There was also what looked like some long grass growing up between the house and back sidewalk, when I pulled it, I discovered it was a chive plant. I’m seriously confused… these things weren’t there last year when we moved in.

    This is a petunia, right?

  4. Why do the best project ideas pop into my head when I’m elbows-deep in another project? I’ve been working on a kind of complicated refashion for awhile. I’ve made and remade it a few times and not been happy with the progress. In the meantime, I’ve had some fantastic ideas for other things, so now I have this quandary… do I put the existing project aside and pick up another or do I trudge trough the existing project and just get it done?
  5. Of course… What happened to customer service?

What’s on your mind lately?