Friday Five: February Links

1. I have decided to leave my comments on the topic of Miss Manners’ advice to a reader with diabetes with my Facebook post yesterday… and the rest of this paragraph! I think that my passion for spreading awareness of the realities of diabetes made me really upset when I read the advice. Online it’s really easy to let passion override patience when educating people with diabetes. I made a comment on Karen’s post earlier today, with the thought that maybe we think people notice the diabetes stuff more than they actually do. It’s such a large aspect of our lives that how can it not be visible to others? The reality is that if we don’t make a big production out of testing our blood or taking an injection, it’s very easy for that to go unnoticed by strangers (and therefore can’t make them uncomfortable). The bottom line is that I will check my blood sugar whenever I need to, where I am and I won’t apologize for it.


Okay, moving onto some other really great links…

2. 44 Stock Photos That Hope To Change The Way We Look At Women  These photos made me smile. My only comment beyond that is it is unfortunate that the photo of the woman doing squats with the barbell, makes the man in the background look like he’s probably naked. Continue reading

Help me carry this fridge downstairs…weekend report

We had a busy weekend and I have to share it with you and I have to start at the beginning.


My best friend (who isn’t Brad) moved a few weeks ago. We lived 10 minutes away from each other in high school, we went to college more than an hour apart, then eventually we ended up 10 minutes away from each other for two years. But now she and her husband are settling into their new home… which is an hour away again! It’s a big adjustment because there are no spur of the moment weekend breakfast dates with them or text messages that say, “We’re in the mood for Mexican, want to meet us?”

We went over to their place on Friday night and had a nice time. It was clear that our husbands miss each other too.

Friday night was also pod change night, so I placed a new pod on my stomach and when the canula inserted, it made a strange sound, but everything kind of looked okay and the pod and PDM didn’t indicate a problem. Then a rather quick upward trend made me realize that I wasn’t receiving insulin… and it kind of hurt. I made the call to remove the pod and use my emergency purse pod. When I pulled off the weird pod the reason became apparent… the needle that deploys the canula, did not retract!

I had a fairly large gauge needle in my stomach instead of the flexible plastic tube it was supposed to leave behind. The silver color of the needle in that tiny window looked like it could have been the blue canula. This has never happened to me before. I really hope it never happens to me again either.

Needle on the left and canula on the right.

It might be tough to see, but the pod pictured on the right is the way a pod looks when I remove it (and fold up the adhesive). That blue thing is the canula, or tiny tube, that goes 6.5 millimeters into my body and gives me insulin. The pod on the left never retracted the insertion needle. Ouch!

Saturday Continue reading