Super Bowl 2012

Again this year, we ordered pizza and settled in with some friends to watch the game and the commercials (probably with equal anticipation for both).

It’s not uncommon for products to be “released” in a Super Bowl ad. This year, Bud Light Platinum was announced in a couple of pretty cool commercials (one of which was the very first Super Bowl commercial).

But now I have to back up.

On Friday before the Super Bowl, we went out to dinner at the Winking Lizard with some friends. We were enjoying good food, drinks and company in the crowded restaurant when I see someone walk by with a blue beer bottle and a label that wasn’t visible. Most beer bottles are brown, green or clear, I have never seen a blue glass bottle before. Since the Lizard is known for its world tour of beer and massive selection I assumed it was some really unique brew. Being a little more in tune with the world of beer, I asked Brad what type of beer comes in a blue bottle.

“I think it’s the new Bud Light,” he said. Bud Light is too common to come in a blue bottle, I thought. Then he ordered one and it arrived at the table in the pretty blue bottle.

The commercials

Last year I picked a favorite commercial. I really don’t have one this year. But I do have to say that Chrysler has now two years in a row produced a commercial that makes viewers shut up and listen. They also didn’t market a car this year, like they did with the 200 last year. They are still selling Detroit though. Also, I thought it was interesting that Chrysler is working to promote all of its products at once. Not a lot of people actually know that Ram trucks, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler are all Chrysler products.

I also kind of liked the Teleflora commercial. I’m sure that Adriana Lima accomplished exactly what the producers wanted. The attention of every man watching. But the message was something that most women watching wanted their guys to hear. Send. Flowers.

As usual, I cringed at some of the ads. Also as usual, I hated the GoDaddy commercials. When will that company change stop promoting itself as a purveyor of sex? Of the two members of my household (myself and my husband) I am more likely to purchase a domain name (and potentially the other things that Go Daddy might sell, but I’ve never bothered to find out because I have no desire to give that company money) and if I were to reach the buying stage, Go Daddy wouldn’t have made my list. Maybe next year, they should surprise everyone and have a feminist write and produce their commercials.

Your thoughts?

You can view the commercials here.


Back to School… or not

I’ve been getting the back to school ads and emails about buying new textbooks. It was always a bittersweet time because summer was over, but I also liked school. Text books cost a fortune, but I got some new clothes.

Now it’s just all sweet.

I accomplished the goal of graduating from college. I don’t have to go to school anymore to do what I want. My learning process is much less rushed with that BA in its nice frame.

Since I love to learn, I doubt that I’m totally done with school forever. Who knows? I may go back someday. I still keep up on industry trends and make sure that I’m up to date on important information. But it’s nice to know that I never have to suffer through a stats class again or worry about retaining scientific information.

Watching the Game for the Ads

I’m pretty sure as many people tune in for the ads during the Super Bowl as they do for the game.

I felt like weighing in on my favorite and least favorite commercials, ones that we’ll be seeing n television probably until even the next Super Bowl.

My personal favorite: the Chrysler 200, Made in Detroit commercial. I don’t know if it’s my personal attachment to Chrysler, the my excitement for new cars, or the different positioning of Detroit as the product more than the car is the product. But it’s a pretty cool commercial, plus there’s Eminem not being Eminem exactly.

My absolute least favorite commercials: Go Daddy. I have always pretty much hated the Go Daddy commercials. They are always very sexist and offensive. But it seems to have just gotten worse this year. Adding Joan Rivers and naked Go Daddy girls, they even know that they’re offensive! They need to just stop and actually sell what they sell, not sexy girls.

You can watch the 2011 Super Bowl ads here.

What’s your favorite?