Friday Five: Rolling With It

This would be the diabetes edition of my Friday Five:

  1. I was sifting through trends on my PDM and was surprised that I’d gone a whole week without a hypo. An hour later, I was 51. After dinner I dropped again to 56. I should stop noticing things like that.

    I also decided that a top goal of 130 wasn’t realistic

  2. When I locked up the office yesterday, my expected test strips hadn’t arrived yet and I wasn’t thrilled that they were late. When I walked in this morning, they were waiting on my desk. The postal fairy came early today.
  3. We have a monthly meeting at work and take turns bringing breakfast. The awesome lady who brought today’s breakfast made low “diabetic-friendly carrot cake muffins,” they were delicious. I’m stealing the recipe.
  4. My cats have recently decided that my OmniPods are supposed to be stepped on when they crawl over me. Not pleasant.
  5. Last night I had a dream that I got stung by a bee. I’ve never actually been stung before so I don’t know what it feels like. I was “stung” where I had my Dexcom sensor. That I have since pulled for being wildly inaccurate (off by 100+).

    I think I preferred Dexcom’s opinion

Sometimes you just have to roll with it.


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