Feeling Left Out

I’m back on the customer service, good communication, former car dealership employee platform.

In late December, I traded in my car for a newer model. It wasn’t a stellar experience, but it also wasn’t horrible. Our salesman and the mangers knew that we were buying the car for me. My name was in the computer already because I’d taken my old car there for maintenance. Me, me, me! (Do I sound whiney?)

We’re even dressed alike!

The new car is in both of our names. My information was first on all of the paperwork. I drive the car every day. I keep the car clean. I will take the car in for scheduled  maintenance.

So imagine my surprise, when thank you emails arrived in my inbox, at an email address that is my name, that were addressed to Brad. I got phone calls on my cell number for Brad from the dealership. The card in the mail, the calendar, the junk they send…. all addressed to Brad (and only Brad). When we picked up my plates and registration, Brad’s name was first. (And they called him to report that the plates were in.)

Then to add insult to injury, I got “Happy Birthday!” emails for Brad, all throughout February. I have no idea why I’m surprised that with my birthday in two days I haven’t received anything addressed to me for my own car.

It’s probably something alphabetical, but it feels pretty sexist. I made the buying decision for this vehicle. I’m also the one deciding whether or not to return to that auto group for future vehicle needs and frankly, it’s not looking good.

The bottom line:

Both members of the K-Couple gave information to the dealership, signed papers and worked with the sales team. Both members of the K-Couple should be treated like valued customers, not just the one with a Y chromosome.

Rant Over!

I’m linking up with Shanna for my Random Wednesday vehicle rant.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Left Out

  1. Definitely sexist! You should call the dealership and have them make the correction and tell them how unhappy you are! Heck, maybe they will send YOU flowers for your birthday instead of just an email! Enjoy your new car!

  2. Rachel, your rant is justified. This is sexism personified. I would let them know how I feel about it – not that it would change things but just because I felt like hollaring on them.

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