My Mom Is Getting Married

I mentioned awhile ago that my mom is getting married. I know that a lot of people have parents who are remarried, but growing up I never imagined that someday I’d have a “step dad.”

It’s interesting to be the youngest daughter and play the old-married lady role for my mom, not that she needs marriage advice, it’s the wedding aspect the my sister and I have been helping her with.

The times that things get a little tricky are when I tell people the my mom is engaged. Those who know me and who knew my dad know that I loved my dad dearly and that my parents’ relationship was a strong example to me of a committed, loving marriage. My parents fought my dad’s cancer together and when he passed away two years ago, we knew that he didn’t want my mom to be alone. But when I said, “My mom is engaged,” or “My mom is getting married,” the immediate response from people was, “Are you okay with that?” or “How does that make you feel?”

To be frank, it’s weird.

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Sweetest Day Weekend and a Variety of ‘Weds

I didn’t realize it was Sweetest Day on Saturday until I was browsing Facebook while brushing my teeth on Saturday morning. (Yes, I probably have bedhead and a mouth full of minty fresh foam when I like your pictures and statuses.)

Brad and I celebrated Sweetest Day once upon a time… a long time ago. Before we were a couple. Seven years ago we went on our first date on October 4th (set up by my friend). Our third date was on Sweetest Day and we were in that stage of our relationship when you don’t know if you’re a real couple of just kind of going out. Brad gave me a little potted yellow rose plant… which died approximately two weeks later around the time we decided we were a real couple. Aside from saying “Happy Sweetest day, dear” to each other, that was the last time we celebrated Sweetest Day.

Anyway, we spent Saturday with the newlyweds (my friend Natalie and her husband Tyler) helping them paint at their new home. I can tell that they’ll be happy in their house, but I’m sad it’s an hour drive away instead of the five minutes they used to be.

The husbands

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Looking back… Remember my moms?

A couple of my favorite blog posts are interviews with my moms about diabetes.

Diagnosed as an Adult: An Interview with MomI interviewed my mom about what it’s like to have her youngest child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Mary’s StoryI interviewed my mother-in-law about her progress toward her weight-loss and type 2 diabetes control.


As a former bridesmaid, maid of honor, bride and now matron of honor and guest during Wedding Season 2013, it’s very, very clear to me that the average person is not aware of what is, and isn’t, appropriate behavior surrounding the happiest day of someone’s life. So it’s my pleasure to get on my soap box and share some advice with you, the internet, on how to be a nice wedding guest.

Here are 10 fairly simple things to remember when attending a wedding:

  1. It is never, ever, ever, ever, ever appropriate for a woman to wear a white dress to a wedding if she is not the bride, a flower girl or a British bridesmaid. Sure, some clothes have white in them, that’s not a huge deal. A white lace dress? Big, HUGE no no. Pick another color and save the white for church or a graduation or something that isn’t a wedding. Also plan on nixing anything that is “cream” or “off white” from your wedding guest wardrobe. Wearing a white dress is just plain rude. (If you think I sound adamant about this, you’re right. I see this happen over and over again and wonder why girls do it. Maybe they don’t know? So I’m spreading the wediquette.) Continue reading

How to Throw a Little Black Dress Party

Most women have at least one LBD in their closets… I have three. A little black dress is incredibly versatile and can be really classy.

For my friend’s bachelorette party last weekend, we had a little black dress themed bar crawl, but a little black dress party can be much more flexible than a bachelorette bar crawl stroll. It can be perfect for a fun, classy girls’ night out other places as well. Continue reading