Social Media + Customer Service = Starbucks Success

I don’t like math, but things like this blog title make sense to me.

I occasionally use Twitter to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the brands that I follow. Recently, I tweeted:

Everyone is talking about pumpkin spice lattes and I want one. @Starbucks can they be made skinny and sugar free? #PSL #diabetes

I’ve been pretty bummed that I can’t shouldn’t have some of my favorite treats recently.

Starbucks at Sea

Later that day, I had a Direct Message from Starbucks asking me to email them details. Continue reading

Analysis of my social media practices

I obsess over use social media…. a lot of social media. It interests me.

We visited with a friend who made fun of Twitter, FourSquare and Google+ all in one sitting. Afterward, I decided to dissect my motives for the social media that I use.

  • Facebook: Facebook is still the king of social networks, it’s been around since high school and I use it to connect with friends and relatives with the occasional brand liking or general creeping that most users participate in. Continue reading

Where I get my news

When I was in high school I was completely obsessed with immersed in current events because I competed on the speech team in International Extemp. Now, unfortunately, I’m not as immersed.

I do occasionally check news online, however I believe that I am now one of those people. Meaning that I seem to get a lot of my news on social media, primarily on Twitter.

I know that I’m not the only one. News is changing and people are becoming more involved in generating news coverage. For example, we recently felt an earthquake in Northeast Ohio (which is an extremely uncommon occurrence). Twitter is where information on the earthquake broke. We were talking about it long before the reporters were.

Does that mean I only read information about the earthquake on Twitter?

No. Once the news broke I started searching news sources for information and details… but it took a fair amount of time before I could get real reports.

The way I see it, Twitter (and other social platforms) are news-related tools.

Where do you get your news?

Similar to you

Twitter tries to tell me that there are all sorts of people who are similar to me. Some of these people I actually know (ie Abby) and others I have no idea where they got the idea that we’re similar.

Here are some of the commonalities in the tweets of all of these people who are apparently like me:

– Coffee

– Communication

– Mount Union

– Weddings

These common threads lead me to believe:

Twitter believes I’m addicted to coffee and communicate a lot as well as have a great deal of school spirit while blogging about wedding planning.

The Relationship between Social Networks and Smartphones

If you missed me at Scholar Day, here’s the whirlwind tour of my 3-semester-long research study.

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