Friday Five: Falling In

I know we have a couple of days before it’s truly fall but I’ve succumbed to the autumn around me… fallen in so to speak.

1. This week I embraced the chilly mornings and pulled on leggings and boots for the first time since spring… if that’s not a sign of the season, I’m not sure what is!

2. The fall beverages have made an appearance in the fridge. Oktoberfest beer and pumpkin pie flavored things. Continue reading

A Scraptastic Headband

I love, love, love fabric scraps. Well, scraps in general actually including those that don’t fall into the “fabric” category like zipper pieces, ribbon, beads, etc.

Awhile ago, I tweaked this dress top that I got at Nordstrom Rack for $2. Yes, I got a clothing item at Nordstrom Rack for only two bucks! Even better, it was on the Rack’s clearance rack sandwiched between a top that was $79 and on that was $120… they were also on “clearance.”

I actually bought the top thinking it would be cute to wear with leggings and a sweater but decided it would be much better as a work-appropriate top and don’t worry, I’ll blog about it eventually.

Anyway… the tweaking left me with a couple of fabulous seam scraps.

I felt like having a little fun with my hair the other weekend, so I curled it and wrapped it up in a scraptastic headband.

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Just Wear the Dress

I’ve gotten reasonably adept at pragmatically placing my pods and sensors so to that for weddings and parties, I can hide them pretty completely. I’ve also been able to covertly carry glucose tabs and a receiver when walking down the aisle.

But sometimes…

You just have to wear the dress you want to wear and accept the fact that people are going to look at  wonder about your butt.

I love my green dress and planned to wear it to my cousin’s wedding the moment I opened their invitation. I could definitely “werk” that dress (please refer to the comments on this blog post if that statement is confusing), but I had a sensor on my butt and I wasn’t about to move my Dexcom for vanity’s sake.

The best part is, no one asked about it because… who is going to approach a stranger and ask, “What’s going on with your butt?”

I quite frankly don’t care how visible my robot parts are in every day life. Sometimes you just need to wear the dress and let people wonder.

(And to be honest, it probably wasn’t even that noticeable!)

Blazer Refashion

I mentioned having developed an affinity for suits due to participating in high school speech in my post yesterday (thank you to everyone who shared kind words in the comments and on Facebook). I had this blazer hanging in my closest from back in the tournament days…

That picture is really bad… but it might be the last time I ever wore that jacket.

Sally just looks drab in this jacket

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Glasses {Sponsored}

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in 6th grade with the instructions to wear them in class to see the board better. I was not a fan of my glasses and did not wear them as much as I should have.

Throughout the years, I got better about wearing my glasses to take notes in class because I was thankfully more serious about my grades than my style. Last year, the news hit. I needed to have full-time vision correction so Brad and I went shopping for glasses and I quickly set an appointment for a contact fitting.

Even though I consider myself a contact wearer, I still wear my glasses at least once a week and often more. I don’t want to have a “glasses day” and regret needing to go out in public, so I need to like my glasses. I found out that part of liking my own glasses is just getting used to them by wearing them. I also learned that trying to get glasses the hide on my face was not the best style for me. So I went for a bold frame and can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on them or overall (think “You look nice today”) when I’ve been wearing them.

hate the process of shopping for glasses in a store. It’s pretty gross if you think about it… those sample frames have been on how many other faces? Ewww. Of course the price tags on most frames are less than attractive. Buying eyeglasses online would be convenient and germ free.

When contacted me about writing this sponsored post, I did my research and was impressed! The first thing I noticed were the prices, followed by how easy it was to narrow down exactly which eyeglasses you want. Affordable and easy are good things in my book. Continue reading