Turkey & Black Bean Chili (stove top or slow cooker)

A few years ago if you asked me if I liked chili, I would have wrinkled my nose at you and said, “Eww, no!”

As a kid I hated chili! Now, as an adult, I can articulate that the reason I didn’t like chili was the texture of canned tomatoes made me gag, kidney beans were are gross and onions can ruin just about anything.

After Brad mentioned wanting chili several times, I really thought about it and went browsing around the internet for a recipe for chili that I could make for him and that I would actually like. Since there was ground turkey in the fridge and black beans in the pantry, that’s were my search started. I couldn’t find just one recipe that I wanted to try, but I liked elements of a few of them so I did my own.


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Recipe: Easy Roasted Tomatoes

I love tomatoes… which is weird because I don’t like tomato sauces.

A couple of weeks ago, Brad and I were grilling balsamic pork chops for dinner and I had some Campari tomatoes that needed to be eaten. Inspired by the tomato that accompanies a plate of eggs on the cruise ship, I started slicing the tomatoes in half and developed this recipe:

Easy Roasted Tomatoes


– small tomatoes such as Campari or plum, but larger probably work too

– dressing – I used Italian dressing

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Better Than Pasta Salad Side Dish

It seems like a staple at most summer cookouts and/or potlucks is pasta salad.

Carbohydrate-filled pasta is not what I want to spend my carb budget on for cool, refreshing summer foods.

For your next summer side dish, consider nixing the rotini and bringing this low-carb option instead.

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Friday Five: Grilling

Tomorrow marks the first official day of summer! Although I’ve already spent a fair amount of time enjoying summer activities, soaking up the sun and cursing my awkwardly sunburned knees.

Yesterday, my office took a field trip and attended the Cleveland Indians v. Los Angeles Angels game at Progressive Field, that ended with an exciting 2-out grand slam in the 10th inning. (I sound like I know something about sports!) I came out of the game with some really red knees though… Oh well! Live and learn and slather more sunscreen on next time.

This weekend though, we’re ringing in summer with one of our favorite activities… grilling.

You’ve got to really like grilling to get a monster like this!

You may not know that grills are good for more than cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs, here’s out weekend grill line up: Continue reading

The Holiday Season

Happy Monday and happy December!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with you family!

I enjoyed a long weekend and some good food with good company on Thursday. My office closed early on Wednesday, even though I worked from home in order to accommodate an appointment at the dealership to get my tire replaced…since I picked up a screw close to the sidewall earlier in the week (flashback?) and Brad was permitted to leave early as well so we headed down to my in-laws to help prepare food. I made this pumpkin “swirl” cheesecake, it was delicious but the swirls didn’t quite work out and it was more cream/mousse pie than cheesecake. Tasty regardless! The nerve-wracking part was that I didn’t taste my dessert before bringing it to Thanksgiving… I’m very happy that it turned out so well on the first attempt but plan on subjecting all contributed new recipes to quality control processes.

Notice how small the slices are?

A good tip for holiday desserts (whether they’re low-carb like this one or not) is to cut them in very small pieces.

As has become a tradition, the Christmas trees and decorations began to be put up on Friday. I just couldn’t rush Christmas before Thanksgiving. A big thanks to ABC Family for the Harry Potter movie marathon while decorating! Continue reading