Tried and Failed

…in more ways that one.

I’m still getting back into “real life” after vacation and I had a post drafted up for yesterday about how diabetes behaved during our trip. Then I realized that October 1st was No D-Day! So I planned to postpone that post and to enjoy a day meant to put D on the back burner.

I tried and failed to make diabetes as small of a part of the day as possible. I wasn’t the only one failing… so was were my pods.

After arriving home on Sunday evening, I replaced my pod and lived happily for a day and a half. I bolused for lunch yesterday and my pod clicked away, beeped to confirm it was done. Less than an hour later it started squealing. Fun. It took longer to silence the errant pod thanks to the confirmation screen and whatever processing screen that was. I’m sure my office neighbors were thrilled.

I called up customer support… I’m sure they missed my weekly phone calls since I got switched. I was warned of wait times by the automated message then got to speak directly to a rep. They must have known I had work to get back to. The woman I spoke with was nice and went through the questions. She discovered that they still owed me pods from the summer (I had written them off after multiple conversations regarding replacing them, then getting the new system so we’ll see). I get to wait 3-4 weeks for them, but that should be okay. I was asked to send my failed pod back so the engineering department can look at it. [Maybe they’ll see 50+ units of insulin in it and realize how much failed pods waste!] My bg trended high following so I question whether I actually received my lunch bolus or if my body just hates me. Continue reading


As a former bridesmaid, maid of honor, bride and now matron of honor and guest during Wedding Season 2013, it’s very, very clear to me that the average person is not aware of what is, and isn’t, appropriate behavior surrounding the happiest day of someone’s life. So it’s my pleasure to get on my soap box and share some advice with you, the internet, on how to be a nice wedding guest.

Here are 10 fairly simple things to remember when attending a wedding:

  1. It is never, ever, ever, ever, ever appropriate for a woman to wear a white dress to a wedding if she is not the bride, a flower girl or a British bridesmaid. Sure, some clothes have white in them, that’s not a huge deal. A white lace dress? Big, HUGE no no. Pick another color and save the white for church or a graduation or something that isn’t a wedding. Also plan on nixing anything that is “cream” or “off white” from your wedding guest wardrobe. Wearing a white dress is just plain rude. (If you think I sound adamant about this, you’re right. I see this happen over and over again and wonder why girls do it. Maybe they don’t know? So I’m spreading the wediquette.) Continue reading

I was so mad

On Saturday, the founder of the company I work for invited the whole office and our significant others over for a great evening with some fantastic food.

In the middle of my bolus for my fajita the pod, that  I’d placed only a few hours before leaving for the cookout,  alarmed with an occlusion. I sighed, grabbed my spare pod from my purse and went to the bathroom to activate the new pod. Halfway through priming, the bathroom was filled with screaming… from the pod, not me. (But I was close.)

Plan A was the newly place pod functioning as it should and not needing to think about diabetes much. Plan B was the back up pod that I keep in my purse. Thankfully I have a plan C… although not ideal. Plan C is the orange-capped syringe in my diabetes bag. Not sure how much insulin I got in my failed bolus and SWAG-ing my food for the evening I drew up a completely arbitrary amount of insulin and took the shot.

Notice also the annoying stuck key alarms…

Continue reading

Whatever happened to customer service?

If you haven’t noticed by now, I appreciate good customer service and get upset with poor service. I haven’t really ranted about customer service for awhile so…

48-Hours to Schedule an Oil Change

When I needed to schedule an oil change, I went to the dealership website and they direct all service appointments to this online scheduling form… as in you can’t call the service department directly or find how to make an appointment if you don’t want to do the form. So I filled in the form and waited more than 24 hours. I heard nothing… so I called the dealership and asked to be transferred to service. I had to leave a voice mail. I missed the call back (let me not they called me back right at closing time) and asked me to call them the next day when they were open again. I said that I wanted an appointment for any time on Friday. ANY TIME! I can even drop my car off in the morning and leave it with them all day to squeeze in. Why couldn’t they just schedule it or tell me that Friday wasn’t available?  The next morning, before they were “open” I actually got an email, saying to call and schedule an appointment for the next week and Friday wasn’t good. Two days after I made the original request.  I was able to get an appointment for tomorrow so they called my husband to confirm. What is that? I’ve mentioned before that the dealer hasn’t been the best about customer service anyway. I love my car, but when my lease is up, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

Meter Inspection Date

Then the gas company needs to inspect our meter, which surprise, surprise it’s not accessible from the outside and someone needs to let them into our home to look at the meter. The postcard they sent said, “make every effort to do the work at a date a time that is convenient for you.”

The postcard’s message.

That turned out to be a load of crap. We tried to schedule a real, actual appointment at a convenient time just to find out that you aren’t able to schedule a date and time, just give them a time frame (ie morning, afternoon, evening) and they’ll call you “30 minutes” before arriving at your house. My husband was able to get us “an evening” which is defined by 4:30-8:30 on some evening at some time in the future… We didn’t know when. Last night when we got home, there was a tag on the door that they had come for an inspection. Neither of us got a call, they just showed up sometime during the work day. Brad called them and explained that they never called, had they called him he could have been home and the inspection would be done… wonder of wonders! They gave us a date… an actual date for the inspection! Like he’d asked for in the first place. Let’s see if we actually get a call now…

Have you noticed a recent increase in advertising that highlight excellent service as a benefit? The reason why is because everyone pretty much sucks at customer service, so companies that have truly good service have their different and better right there.

Rant Over.

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Dress to Date Night Top

I bought this dress on a super clearance from Target, in all honesty I needed to spend just a few dollars more for free shipping or something and I liked the print.

I wore this once as a dress over the winter with tights, boots and a sweater. I felt a little awkward, it came to a “midi” length on me which isn’t my best length option and felt just a bit too busy. I decided to change it up that day.

Old image via Target

I really liked the soft jersey material and the cowl neck, so I literally just chopped it off a few inches below the belt loops. I’ve now worn it several times to work with dress pants or with jeans. Last Friday, I wore it with jeans and my favorite green flats. After work Brad and I headed out for a date night. Continue reading