How did you get here?

Where did you come from?

I’m actually not being philosophical, I’m being slightly shallow. Chances are you dropped by this blog by way of Facebook? Which means you’re more likely to comment on its content on my Facebook.

Maybe you found me through Twitter or you’re on the cutting edge and found a post on Google Plus or maybe you just “Stumbled Upon” this blog… I’m frequently entertained by the traffic drivers to my site, specifically when it comes to search terms.

Here are some of my favorite search terms:

Getting pregnant saved my life

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Facebook and Google should compare schedules

Last week the whole realm of social media resonated with not one, but two, big announcements on the same day.

Google+ went invitation-free and Facebook overhauled their entire system. Guess who was louder?

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As promised

“Excellent article on Google+ for business! (Best I’ve read so far!)”

It’s like those things you find in book jackets except it’s on a blog. I guest blogged on my boss’s BtoT blog. Check it out!

Feel free to comment where ever you feel appropriate.

I’m Google+…ing?

Well Google failed to at least make its social network easy for verb creation (ie Facebooking, Googling). The AP Style gurus have also sucked some fun out by announcing that it should be called Google Plus when writing in Associated Press Style.

I was interested in Google+ when it first launched, but wasn’t incredibly active in procuring an invitation until my boss came into my office and said, “What do you know about Google Plus?”

That weekend I found myself an invitation to Google+. Since I’m doing a whole big work project on Google+ for BtoB use, I’ll just stick with my personal thoughts and reactions for normal people usage and post a link if when my work blog is  posted.

So here are some of my disjointed thoughts on the new Google+:

Hyperpersonalization: if your Google+ doesn’t feel like your Google+, you probably did something wrong. You can separate people into your own groups using any criteria that you want and then share with specific groups. You can put Sparks topics on your left menu about ANYTHING that interests you.

Clean: although it may not stay that way, Google+ streams are clean. Since I have a whole 19 people in my circles right now (circle me!) it’s not hard to get through the information on there.

Integrate!: People were really hoping the Google+ would be the mighty integration tool of the internet. It could be, but not yet. Yeah, I can link to my Twitter and jump to Gmail, but getting all of the other Google tools mixed in there and unifying feeds from say, Facebook? would be fantastic. But right now, they seem to be keeping it simple… and personal. Brands aren’t on there… yet. But when they do get profiles, prepare for a flood!

Not on Google+ yet? Want to get with it? Comment or email me and I’ll invite you!