Shrewd Foods Protein Crisps

I received these products free of charge in exchange for a review.

One of the ways I manage my type 1 diabetes is by controlling the carbs that I eat. I limit each meal to a certain number of carbs and try to keep my snacks as low carb as possible.

So, I jumped at the offer to test out and review Shrewd Food’s‘ protein crisps. A low-carb, crispy, cheesy snack? Count me in!

They sent me three flavors:

  • Cheddar
  • Brick Oven Pizza
  • Sriracha Cheddar

They also make Smokehouse Maple and Cookies & Cream flavors that sound delicious. Continue reading

Plant-Based and Personalized Vegan Meals

I received a VegReady sample free of charge for the purposes of testing, however all opinions are my own.

Even though I’m not vegan or vegetarian (here’s the difference if you don’t know), I try to have at least one meet-free meal per day. So when the folks at VegReady offered to send me one of their snacks to try out, I gladly accepted.

VegReady provides vegan meals that are healthy and ready to eat. They offer a variety of options and don’t require refrigeration which makes them easy to take with you. Coming in 2018, you can order meals matched to your DNA.

I received a Mango & Jalapeno Quinoa Snack to test out. VegReady products are ready to eat, so you literally just open it up and dig in. Continue reading

If You Aren’t Flexible, You’ll Break

If you aren’t flexible, you’ll break.

That’s what my mother said when I called to explain the changes in our Christmas plans.

We’ve been planning for months on having Christmas at our new house with some of both of our extended families. There would be 11 people at our house for dinner and a nice time was to be had. We’d gotten all of the food, determined the best configuration of the dining room to seat 11 people, planned the schedule to spend a little time with my relatives, a little time with Brad’s and some time with all of us together. Then it all changed.

In the same day, I had two phone calls that led to my conversation with my mom about being flexible. One of my relatives dropped out. Then it was determined that Brad’s mom wouldn’t be able to make the drive up to our house since she’s recovering from surgery. So, we changed our plans. My mom and her husband came over on Christmas Eve, spent the night and had Christmas morning with them. Then we packed up all of the food that we got, took it down to Brad’s parents’ house and I made Christmas dinner for 8 people. I’m pretty proud of the meal I made.

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BG-Friendly Treat: Graeter’s Low Glycemic Ice Cream

The irony of asking a person with diabetes to try a new ice creams was not lost on the folks at Ohio-based Graeter’s Ice Cream when they asked if I’d be interested in sampling their new low-glycemic flavors. Although they shipped six pints of ice cream free of charge, all of the opinions that follow are my own and I’m not being compensated for them.

I received the following flavors to try:

  • Mint chocolate chip (2 pints)
  • Chocolate chip (1 pint)
  • Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean (2 pints)
  • Butter Pecan (1 pint)

The summary of my taste test is this, each flavor tasted extremely good and although there’s nothing scientific about my testing, the impact on my blood sugar was minimal.

I love ice cream, especially in the summer time as the weather starts is supposed to get warmer. But I frequently shy away from the sweet, cold goodness that is ice cream because it’s not a smart blood sugar choice. So the Graeter’s low-glycemic ice cream was a welcome treat!

I tried the mint chocolate chip first and noticed right away that it was a smooth, light texture to it and giant chunks of chocolate, no chips to be found! The chocolate chip was the same way. Continue reading

Pans Stay in the Kitchen

Many people make food-related New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s simply to eat healthier or to lose weight, food is one of the top resolution subjects. Today I’m sharing a tip that may help with those by making a change in how you eat meals, not what you eat (although what you choose to eat is also very important).

If you come to dinner at my house, it’s likely that you’ll dish up your food in my kitchen before heading to the dining room. We’ll only occasionally serve at the table when we have company, but we never serve from the table when it’s just the two of us.

Why do the pans, pots, holders of food stay in the kitchen? Partially out of laziness efficiency and partially out of health consciousness.

Portion Control

When you serve up your plate the first time, you pick a portion and typically it’s the portion you believe you should eat and not smaller. When the pan or serving dish is right there in front of you, it’s nearly unconscious to dish out more. Have you ever sat at a table with a group of friends or family and there’s a tray of vegetables, plate of cheese of batch of cookies near you? Chances are you’ll grab one… or four while socializing. If those items aren’t in arm’s reach, it becomes a conscious choice to eat something and whether you still choose to eat it, it’s better to be conscious.

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