How to give a good birthday gift

This post is sponsored by UnCommonGoods. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

With the holidays behind us, gift giving may have gotten pushed to the back of your mind. But not mine! Most people have Valentine’s Day coming up to think about a great gift for their special someone, but for me I’ve got birthdays on the brain.

Brad’s birthday is in February and two weeks later is my birthday.

So… how do you give a good birthday gift? First you find a source, UncommonGoods has a lot of great birthday gifts, I’ll help you find just the right one. Aside from having really cool stuff, they have a lot of heart, UncommonGoods aims to have a positive impact, they offer handmade, recycled and organic products and make it easy to give back, check out their mission to learn more.

There are a few things that make a gift a good pick for another person, here’s they are: Continue reading

New Year. New Post.

Look who’s a magician! I am. I managed to disappear for the rest of the year! I may not have been living online, but I have been living offline.

2016 was a busy year and the end of it was especially so. Since I last posted I traveled to three different states, won an award, closed the books on a year of business and hosted family for the holidays.

2016 Theme

The theme of 2016 for me was travel. I got so many comments this year like, “Seems like you’ve been traveling a lot lately,” “Where are you off to next?” and so on. I returned to a lot of places I’ve been before, to see family, visit clients and attend trade shows. This year felt a little extra special travel wise because I added several new states to my “I’ve visited” map. Check it out. Continue reading

The Year of Fives

Yesterday was my 5th anniversary at my job current company. That means I’ve turned in 1300 time sheets.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may have noticed that the spring and summer time bring several acknowledgements of anniversaries. This year, those dates mark five years.

You see, 2011 was the year that everything in my life changed. It’s a year when a lot about who I am as a person was defined, and it all happened in a very short period of time. Continue reading

I Don’t Really Think That’s Feminism

Brad and I were recently having a conversation and something was said in jest that lead me to tell Brad he’d better be careful since he’s married to a feminist. *Gasp* It’s a little dangerous to say that sometimes.

“What makes you call yourself a feminist?” Brad asked me.

My answer included some of this list of things that I believe:

  • Men and women should be equal
  • It shouldn’t be okay for people to catcall me on the street
  • Men and women should get paid the same amount for the same job and women shouldn’t be at a disadvantage in salary negotiations just because of gender
  • I shouldn’t have to check my assertiveness to avoid being seen as “bitchy” when a man would be seen as “confident”
  • Women shouldn’t have to pay more for the female version of products
  • The occupancy of my uterus shouldn’t be up for discussion
  • Women shouldn’t fear that wearing their engagement ring to an interview will make them less likely to be hired (due to either “that ring’s big, she clearly doesn’t need a job” or “she’ll probably get pregnant soon, we don’t want to deal with that”)
  • Rape victims shouldn’t be asked what they were wearing
  • Girls shouldn’t be discouraged from leadership or studying science and math

The list goes on. Gender bias and discrimination is so ingrained in our society that people don’t stop to think about it enough.

“I don’t really think that’s feminism,” Brad said. “That’s just how things should be.”

It’s sad that these views would classify me as feminist, but unfortunately it’s true. Many people think that my list of things I believe is already reality, but it’s not. Women haven’t even had the right to vote for all that long. It’s not until we all become “feminists” that these things will become how things should be.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to quit shaving my legs anytime soon… I’ll just use a men’s razor because it’s cheaper.

InternationalWomensDay-portraitI think it’s perfect that I was born on International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is gender parity. Don’t be made uncomfortable by strong women. Also, don’t be mean, it’s my birthday.

Super Bowl 50: Snack & Ads

This is the first year I’ve actually known what the Super Bowl number was because they cut the Roman numerals… “L” just isn’t impressive under “Super Bowl.”

Someone asked me who I was rooting for, the Panthers, Broncos or Snacks & Ads. I had to pick “snacks & ads” because I spent the evening on Twitter commenting on the ads. Here’s my quick rundown…

The Super Bowel

I was surprised to see the Pharma ads, which leaned very heavily toward the bowel end of the industry with the OIC and Xifaxan.

The Expected Continue reading